New Seda Paddlesports website & ecommerce storefront December 29 2013

Seda Paddlesports finally gets an updated website...thanks for your patience!

Back in 1969, the kayaking industry was pretty small.  Boats were sold at races out of the back of vans by paddlers to paddlers.  Many paddlers or kayaking clubs would rent a mold when they wanted to build a boat, and made their own skirts and paddles as well.  In the early 70's Seda began printing a newsprint black and white 'Paddlelog" - a one-stop catalog for kayaking equipment.  Out of a small shop, Seda Products made a lot things to help get paddlers out on the water - helmets, lifevests, wetsuits...and boats.   As the industry matured, Seda concentrated more on boats and the last direct mail full catalog was mailed in 2003.  

With the internet now the primary way of researching and purchasing products, we've had requests for years for online ordering of spares, accessories and even boats.   Keep an eye on our storefront as we update it, especially for those hard to find parts. 

For boats, or parts that are not yet listed, we are still happy to walk you through the process, answer any questions and refer you to Seda dealers and agents.  If you are looking for a custom boat, the best approach is to call us to discuss any specific requests such as unique colors or layups.  At the same time, in tune with 2014, if you want to just click and order,you can!



John & the team at Seda