Kayak and Canoe Covers

These are simply the best kayak covers available! The sun over time dulls gel-coat and deteriorates plastic components. Danuu Kayak & Canoe Covers are a great way to preserve and protect your kayak or canoe. Constructed from UV resistant ripstop nylon, these covers are double stitched and reinforced with a extra layer of material at each end. The unique fitting system allows you to easily drop the cover on top of the boat rather than the more difficult method of shoving the boat into the cover like a sock. This means you can cover your pride and joy single handed while it is on the wall or car rack. The cover is tightened and cinched with 4-6 straps (depending on size) and you are set.

Another bonus: there is no more hunting for a red flag for the end of your boat. After unfolding the cover, turn the stuff bag inside out and it becomes your red flag! These covers also have reinforced air holes so the bag does not catch the wind while driving.

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