Special Order and Discontinued Parts

Looking for a part for your Seda Kayak but can't find it on our website?

Parts are added to the website based on availability, feasibility or request.    


We have built kayaks since 1969, and surprisingly many are still out there in use.  Over the years we have changed suppliers for many small parts.  We have seen some suppliers discontinue items, or go out of business completely, or we have found a supplier with a better product or price.  If a part is not listed, it may not be available, even if we wanted to offer it.  

In those cases, we may be able to offer an alternative or substitute.  Examples include rudder components, foot peg systems, hatches and handles.    

  • Feathercraft Kayaks closed December 2016.  Feathercraft rudders were used on Seda Kayak through 2016, and spare parts are unfortunately no longer available.  Inventory on Seda Paddlesports website is what is in stock currently. Once out of stock, parts will show in catalog but will not be possible to order.   If we are able to find a source for these parts, we will update the website.


There are some items that we have in stock that are used for ongoing boat production, but that are not available for sale through the website.  Examples include impossible to ship items like canoe gunnels that are 20 feet long, as well as small items like plastic fittings, bolts, and screws that cost too much due to the handling/packing needed for pennies worth of product.  


Some parts just have never been sold as spares.  As we get emails looking for unlisted parts, we evaluate if they should be added, or handled on a special order basis.

It's a balancing act between business priority and customer service.  If there is something you are looking for and can't find, please email and we will see if it is available or if there is a substitute we can recommend.  If it is not available, we apologize but hope you understand the basis of the decision.