Kajak Sport Oval 42/30 "Click On" Hatch Cover


The latest design of this industry standard hatch features a stiff plastic center and tab for ease of removal surrounded by a soft rubber sealing edge.  There is an internal tab for securing a tether as well.  This is only a replacement hatch cover, and does not include the ring which is bonded to the boat.


Note that there are cheaper versions of this hatch at other vendors which are all rubber.  This is the the "Click On" version with the rigid plastic center and reinforced tab.



Inside Dimension - 16.53" x 11.8" (42 x 30 cm)

Outside Dimension - 18" x 13.5" (45.8 x 33.5 cm)

Hatch Weight - 1 lb 7 oz (.65 kg)

Color - Black

Material: Rubber and Plastic


Seda Kayak Applications:

Ikkuma 15, Rear Hatch 

Ikkuma 17, Rear Hatch

Tallikut, Rear Hatch

Triumph, Rear Hatch

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