Seda - Neoprene Hatch Cover


Soft Neoprene cover for storage compartment.  Measurement of hatch is typically about 1/2" to 1" bigger than coaming on boat to allow for this neoprene seal.    There are 5 sizes of Neoprene covers for all Seda models:

Size Guidelines:

Type Dimensions Application Notes
Extra Small 16" x 11" Bow Compartment - Gypsy, Atajo, Starlet, Swift, Impulse, Viking, Glider
Small 18" x 13"

Stern Compartment, Older models - Glider, Impulse, Swift, Viking, Tango, Amigo.

Bow Compartment - Tango

Center Compartment Tango

Medium 20" x 14" Stern Compartment: Rotomold Plastic Gypsy Only
Large 24" x 14" Stern Compartment: Current production - Swift, Viking, Glider, Older Impulse, Revenge, Tango
Extra Large  32" x 18" Bow Front Hatch/Cockpit cover - Amigo Only


Please note that many of these items will be made to order, inventory may show zero on this website as a result.   Expect a delay of 1 to 2 weeks from order if not currently in stock.

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