Welcome to Seda Paddlesports

We've built a range of watercraft since 1969, from down-river white water race boats to simple fishing dinghies.  Our current line focus is on high quality, handmade touring craft that display three key characteristics that set them apart on the water.


Strength:  Our robust build process delivers the strongest boat for your dollar.  With triple-layer fiberglass seams or multiple Kevlar reinforcements, Seda boats withstand the punishment of rough seas and coastlines.  Join the countless paddlers who have proudly owned a Seda for over 20 years.

Speed:  Seda designs prioritize speed without sacrificing stability.  Our long waterlines, low decks, and smooth hulls with shallow-V bottoms are key to fun paddling adventures, not painful slogs.

Spirit:  Our boats are designed to be easy to control, and versatile enough for a variety of activities.  And don't forget, they are also light enough that the hardest part of the journey isn't putting it on the car.