FAQ - Identifying your Seda craft

A long history of boat building has created a legacy fleet of Seda paddlecraft still ready for adventure, though a little maintenance may be helpful.  For the best results in selecting parts and accessories, you should identify the year and model of your Seda.


This information for almost all boats manufactured for the USA market is contained in the serial number etched into the boat, called the Hull Identification Number or abbreviated as the HIN.  This number on a Seda is usually on the right side just below the deck/hull joint at the rear of the boat.  In nautical terms, this is the starboard stern.  It may be very faint if it's an older boat.  Understanding the number is pretty straightforward, and translates as below:



example serial number:  SDDL0932E010


SDD The first 3 digits are the manufacturer code.  SDD is the USCG identifier for Seda
X The next digit is the model designation, a letter from A to Z. Note than on very old boats there may not be a model number. L is a Glider in the example
#### The next 4 numbers are the unit number of the model.  In the example, the 932th boat of  a model is 0932
X The next letter is the month of manufacture, where A is January, and continuing on until L which is December.  In the example E is May
# The next number is the last digit of the model year, which for non-motorized boats is usually the same as the production year.
## The final 2 numbers are the last 2 digits of the year of manufacture.  In the example this boat was built in 2010


Alternate example of serial numbers on older boat: