Feathercraft K2 Rudder Block and Pin, End Pour Mount


Sold Out

The supplier for this part, FeatherCraft, went out of business 12/31/2016.  We are no longer able to source this component, and do not have any remaining stock.   Please email FeatherCraft  for alternate suggestions


Replacement Rudder Block with Pin for Feathercraft K2 rudders.  This ruddr is used on Seda tandem kayaks including the Tango, Amigo and Triumph. The version used for Seda Kayaks is the end-pour type, which means the pin goes into the deck, not into a metal bracket.

The replacement block & pin will only work if your rudder has the big pulley wheel and a black anodized blade.

Older versions of the Feathercraft rudder will have a smaller wheel and a bare aluminum blade, and will need a "Rudder Retro Kit" to be repaired.


Mounting pin dimensions: 3/8" OD x 1 9/16" long

Order Information:

This part is no longer available from Seda Paddlesports

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