Seda Hatch Cover - Stern


Fiberglass hard shell cover for stern compartments.  

Measurement of hatch is typically about 1/2" to 1" bigger than coaming on boat to allow for neoprene seal, it is not an exact dimension.  Replacement hatch covers are all gloss black, custom matched colors are not available as suppliers have changed over the years.

Due to changes over the course of production, several different hatches may fit a given model, order the hatch that best matches your boat's coaming dimensions.

Please note inventory for replacement hatches will typically show zero parts on hand on this website. Hatches are almost always made to order, and will ship in 1 to 2 weeks from ordering.  

For older boats long out of production, there may be additional delays to bring mold out of storage.

 Size Guidelines:

Part Size Line Fittings? Application/Models
C 19 x 15 Yes Atajo
D 21 x 15 No Rotomold Plastic Gypsy Only
E 25 x 14 Yes Glider
G 19 x 15 No Older Glider, Older Impulse, Older Tango, Starlet, Composite Gypsy
J 25 x 14 No Glider, Tango, Impulse, Revenge, Swift, Viking
N 18 x 12 Yes Vida 
P 18 x 12 No Older Vida
R 25 x 14 Yes Swift, Viking

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